[K-POP Weekly HOT NEWS🔥] _ 1st Week of December

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1. Taeyang and Min Hyolyn, They had their first baby.

: Taeyang(Bigbang) - Actor Min Hyo-rin reported that they recently had a son three years after marriage in 2018. The mother and child are known to be healthy, and details such as the exact timing of childbirth are unknown.

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تاي يانغ ومين هيورين قد رزقا بطفل.

تم الإفادة بأن تاي يانغ عضو بيج بانج و الممثلة مين هيورين قد رزقا بطفل مؤخراً بعد ثلاث سنوات من زواجهم في ٢٠١٨.

و قد تم الإفادة بأن كلا من الأم و الطفل يتمتعان بصحة جيدة، و لم يتم نشر المزيد من التفاصيل حول تاريخ الميلاد المحدد.

2. JYP Entertainment's rookie band Xdinary Heroes got debut.

: JYP Entertainment's rookie boy band Xdinary Heroes officially debuted on the 6th by releasing its digital single Happy Death Day.

: Xdinary Heroes is JYP Entertainment's second boy band after DAY6 and is a six-member band consisting of drummer GUNIL, bassist JUYEON, keyboardist O.de and JUNGSU, guitarist GAON, and JUNHAN.

: The debut song "Happy Death Day" is a song featuring addictive melodies and rich guitar sounds, and members JUNGSU and GAON participated in writing and composing themselves to reveal their aspect as a talented band.

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ترسمت فرقة "Xdinary Heroes" الصاعدة من JYP Entertainment.

ترسمت فرقة الفتيان الصاعدة Xdinary Heroes التا