[K-POP Weekly HOT NEWS๐Ÿ”ฅ] _ 1st Week of January

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1. The โ€˜TWICEโ€™ concert held in two years was successfully concluded.

: TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR 'โ…ข', the fourth world tour concert of 'TWICE', was held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium (KSPO DOME) in Seoul from the 25th to the 26th.

: This is a face-to-face concert held in about two years since the third world tour concert held in May 2019. The title of the world tour, 'III', is the perfect love (โ…ข) by adding the love (โ… ) that Twice fan 'ONCE' gives to 'TWICE' and the love (โ…ก) that 'TWICE' gives to 'ONCE', and it contains affection for the fans who have not been able to meet for two years. This concert consisted of TWICE's hit songs and songs from the recently released 3rd full-length album. In particular, Twice made a special Christmas with the fans by singing 'Merry & Happy' as the ending song of the concert.

: TWICE's fourth world tour will be held in five cities in the United States and Tokyo, Japan, starting with this Seoul performance, to meet with global fans around the world.

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2. BTS' Suga, RM, and Jin โ€“ Corona 19 confirmed

: BTS member 'SUGA' was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the morning of the 24th while self-isolating after receiving a PCR test right after entering Korea from the United States on the 23rd.

: On the next day, the 25th, it was announced that members 'RM' and 'JIN' were confirmed to have COVID-19 one after another. Both members returned from the United States, completed self-quarantine, and were tested before being released from quarantine.

: Fortunately, it was confirmed that all three members had no contact with other members, and 'Jin' had mild symptoms such as a slight fever, but 'Sugar' and 'RM' did not show any special symptoms.