[K-POP Weekly HOT NEWS๐Ÿ”ฅ] _ 3rd Week of January

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1. Golden Disc Awards โ€“ BTS Album 1st Prize, IU Digital Music 1st Prize

: BTS and IU were selected as the grand prize winners at the '36th Golden Disc Awards' held on the 8th.

: BTS' 'BE' album, released last year, sold 372,4898 copies, setting the record for the most sales as a single album. With that record, BTS once again won the grand prize in the album category, winning the grand prize for 5 consecutive years from the 32nd to the 36th.

: IU won the grand prize in the music category for the third time after the 32nd and 35th, and this year, she won the general award in the album category at the Golden Disc for the first time since her debut. With this, IU, who captured both the album and the music category, proved her power.

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2. ATEEZ โ€“ Successful end of offline concert after 2 years

: The Seoul performance to announce the start of the 2022 ATEEZ world tour โ€˜THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE ENDโ€™ was held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul for three days from the 7th to the 9th. This is an offline concert held for the first time in two years since the world tour held in 2020, and over 6,000 people gathered for three days to realize the hot popularity of ATEEZ.

: In this performance, the shouting of the audience was prohibited due to the Covid-19 quarantine guidelines. In order to fill the empty space caused by this, ATEEZ prepared special castanets as a cheering tool that can be used instead of shouting, and gathered attention. ATEEZ's fan 'ATINY' actively used the sound of Castanets to express their cheers and feelings towards ATEEZ. In the interim section, the members were moved to tears by the fans' sound of castanets and the slogan event.

: This concert consisted of about 3 hours of colorful performances, featuring 'Take Me Home' and 'ROCKY', which were released for the first time. Starting with this Seoul concert, ATEEZ plans to continue their world tour concerts in five US states and six European countries.

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