[Kpop Teller #4] The charm of each member of STRAY KIDS

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Unfortunately, this is the last Stray Kids post. I've uploaded three posts about the charming Stray Kids so far, but if you haven't seen the previous posts, I recommend you to check them out!

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In this post, we are going to find out about the characteristics and charms of each Stray Kids members. Stray Kids members are famous for their outstanding abilities and harmony, so let's take a closer look!


: Born October 3, 1997 / Real name: Christopher Chan Bang (Korean name is Bang Chan)

: He is a team leader and a versatile member who is in charge of all positions from vocal, rap, dance, and producing. In particular, he has excellent producing ability as he participated in writing and composing almost all of Stray Kids' songs.

: He immigrated to Australia soon after he was born. He has Australian citizenship and is fluent in English. He entered the company through a JYP global audition in Australia in 2010 and worked as a trainee for about 8 years from 2011. He is the longest trainee among Stray Kids members.

: Being the leader and the eldest of the team, you can see how well he takes care of the members.